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Closed Solicitations

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Summit Academy Lawncare 2019-2020 RFB-TG-Lawncare 2019-2020 SA 04/08/2019
Vending 2018-2019 RFB-TG-Vending 2018-2019 SA 10/30/2018
Custodial Cleaning RFB-TG-SA Custodial Cleaning 07/06/2018
Summit Academy Lawncare 2018-2019 RFB-TG-LawnCare 2018-2019 03/27/2018
Summit Academy Vending RFB-TG-SAVending 2017-2018 10/30/2017
Asphalt Removal and replace RFB-TG-SA Asphalt 05302017 06/05/2017
Lawncare 2017-2018 RFB-TG-Lawncare20172018 03/31/2017
Vending Machines Student USDA Compliant and Staff Lounge RFB-TG-SA VENDING 16-17 10/28/2016
Lawncare/Maintenance RFB-TG-03032016Lawncare 201617 03/31/2016
Summit Academy Vending 2015 RFP-CC-SA Vending 10192015 10/30/2015
Summit Academy Flat Rock Lawncare 2015-2016 RFB-TG-03162015 01 03/31/2015
Summit Academy Flat Rock Lawncare 2015-2016 RFB-TG-03162015 02 03/31/2015
Summit Academy Flat Rock Vending Agreement RFP-TG-10212014 Re 10/28/2014
Summit Academy Flat Rock Vending Agreement RFP-TG-2014-09-18 10/20/2014
Lawn Care/Maintenance RFB-TG-04292014 01 05/19/2014
Summit Academy Flat Rock Vending Agreement RFP-TG-2013-07-22 08/14/2013
Summit Academy Carpet/Tile Material and Removal and Installation RFB-TG-06112013 06/21/2013
Lawn Care/Maintenance RFB-TG-Lawn Care/Maintenance 05/10/2013
Copier/Fax/Scan Equipment Lease Agreement RFB-JS-2013C 02/01/2013
Summit Academy Printing & Mailhouse Services Bid 2012 RFB-JS-2012-4 05/02/2012
Summit Academy Printing and Mailhouse Services 2012 RFB-JS-2012-5 05/02/2012
Summit Academy Furniture Bid 2012 RFB-JS-2012-6 05/02/2012
RFB- SA Technology RFB-JS-5 07/13/2011
SA Furniture Bid RFB-JS-6 07/13/2011
SA Printing Bid RFB-JS-7 07/13/2011

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