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Closed Solicitations

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Kresge Library Lighting Retrofit Project RFP-JB-KL Retrofit 07/12/2016
HHB School of Nursing Simulation Suite Renovation RFP-JH-HHB School of Nursing Simulation Suite Renovation 06/29/2016
AE Design Services–Anibal & Fitzgerald House Renovation RFP-JH-AE Design Services–Anibal & Fitzgerald Renovation 06/13/2016
Hannah Hall Rooftop Ductwork Replacement Project RFP-JB-HH Rooftop Ductwork Replacement 06/09/2016
RAC Racquet Ball Court Renovations RFP-PR-RAC Racquet Ball Court Renovations 06/08/2016
CM at Risk Services - Elliott Hall Expansion/Renovation RFP-JB-Elliott CM 06/06/2016
Lepley Expansion and Renovation CM RFP RFP-JB-Lepley CM 06/02/2016
RFP for Student Housing #9 Construction Testing Services RFP-PR-Student Housing #9 Construction Testing Services 05/27/2016
Lowry Playground Improvements RFP-JH-Lowry Playground Improvements 05/16/2016
RFP Redundant VMware Infrastructure based on VMware VSAN RFP-PR-REDUNDANT VMWARE INFRASTRUCTURE 04/22/2016
Generator at Dodge Hall RFP-PR-Dodge Hall Generator 04/19/2016
Employee Discount Management Program RFP-JH-Employee Discountg Mgmt Program 04/07/2016
Pryale House Upgardes RFP-PR-Pryale House Upgrades 04/01/2016
Golf Course Outbuilding Repairs RFP-JH-Golf Course Outbuilding Repairs 03/17/2016
CM Services - Oakland Center Expansion RFP-JB-CM Services-Oakland Center Expansion 03/16/2016
RFP for Computerized Maintenance Management System RFP-JH-Computerized Maintenance Management System 03/09/2016
P-17&P-39 Parking Lot Project RFP-JB-P-17&P-39 Parking Lots 02/29/2016
Pioneer Dr. Sidewalk RFP-JB-Pioneer Dr. Sidewalk 02/29/2016
2016 Sidewalk Repairs RFP-JB-2016 Sidewalk Repairs 02/29/2016
Pioneer Dr. Repaving Project RFP-JB-Pioneer Dr. Repaving 02/23/2016
2016 Pavement Repairs RFP-JB-2016 Pavement Repairs 02/23/2016
PSS Roof Replacement Project RFP-JB-PSS Roof 02/18/2016
Sharf Clubhouse HVAC Improvements RFP-JH-Sharf Clubhouse HVAC Improvements 02/10/2016
Lepley Expansion and Renovation AE RFP RFP-JB-Lepley AE 01/22/2016
CM at Risk - Student Housing and Dining Facility RFP RFP-JB-OUSH 01/22/2016

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