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Closed Solicitations

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KPS - Meadowlawn Classroom Addition IFB-SL-Meadowlawn Classroom Add 06/15/2021
RFP - Custodial Uniforms RFP-CB-Custodial Uniforms 06/02/2021
KPS - Fire Alarm Systems & Services IFB-SL-Fire Alarm Systems & Services 05/10/2021
EKFC Generator Package IFB-SL-EKFC Generator 04/15/2021
KPS - Crossroads HVAC IFB-SL-CR HVAC 02/16/2021
KPS District Trash Services IFB-SL-Trash Services 06/03/2020
EKHS Entrance & Meadowlawn Collaboration Center IFB-SL-EKHS E Entrance & ML Collaboration Center 05/22/2020
EKHS SIlo Demoltion IFB-SL-EKHS Silo Demolition 05/14/2020
KPS Ice Arena Siding IFB-SL-KIA Siding 05/14/2020
KPS District Photography Services RFP-SL-KPS District/School Photography 05/04/2020
EKHS - Auditorium & S.Wing roofing IFB-SL-2020 Roofing Replacements 02/04/2020
Explorer Elementary Kitchen Remodeling RFP-SL-EX Kitchen Remodeling 10/29/2019
Pool Filter Regeneration & Control Upgrade IFB-SL-Aquatics Filter/Rebuild 05/10/2019
PW Collaboration Center Furnishings IFB-SL-PW Collab Furnishings 04/01/2019
Administration Building A/V IFB-SL-Admin A/V 07/23/2018
Brookwood ASD Playground IFB-SL-BW ASD Playground Improvements 05/29/2018
Glenwood Elem.-Kitchen Reno., Meadowlawn Elem.- Cafeteria Reno. IFB-SL-GW/ML Kitchen-Cafeteria 05/02/2018
East Kentwood HS East Wing Collaboration Center IFB-TB-EKHS EW Collaboration Center 03/06/2018
Digital Radio Bids IFB-TB-DRB1 09/22/2017
Collaboration Centers, Valleywood Renovation, EKHS Tennis Courts IFB-CW-OAK Bid Package #5 05/23/2017
Pat Patterson Athletic Field Concrete Flatwork IFB-CW-PPAF Concrete 05/02/2017
Glenwood Elementary Cabling IFB-CW-Glenwood Cabling 05/01/2017
Hamilton Repaving Project IFB-CW-Hamilton 04/18/2017
EKHS Interior Remodeling IFB-CW-EK Interior Remodeling 04/12/2017

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