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Closed Solicitations

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Security Guard Services RFP-1375 08/12/2019
Emergency Lighting Inverter RFB-1376 08/07/2019
District Newsletter Publication RFB-1371 07/24/2019
Supplemental Transportation Services RFB-1372 06/13/2019
Shredded Wood RFB-1373 05/28/2019
Carpet Cleaning RFB-1370 05/23/2019
Traffic Flow Improvements at Dearborn High School RFB-1369 05/03/2019
Athletic Trainer Services RFB-1366 04/23/2019
Emergency Notification System RFB-No. T2 03/27/2019
Door Hardware RFB-1367 03/12/2019
Food Service Management RFP RFP-1363 03/08/2019
Synthetic Turf Replacement, Track Renovations ITB-1364 02/28/2019
Reconditioning Football Equipment RFB-1365 01/23/2019
Maples Elementary and Lowery Middle School Kitchen Remodeling ITB-18-2778-6 01/22/2019
Drinking Fountains RFB-1362 11/26/2018
ROLAND PIANOS RFB-1360 10/09/2018
District Newsletter Publication RFB-1359 10/02/2018
Fordson High School Machine Shop to Classrooms RFB-18-2778-4 10/01/2018
Miller Elementary School Remodeling RFB-18-2778-5 10/01/2018
Food Service Management RFP- 1357 09/11/2018
Phone System Upgrades RFP-BPT1 07/20/2018
Salina Middle School and Stout Middle School Sound System Upgrades RFB- 1358 07/18/2018
Kitchen Survey Renovations (Lowrey Maples, Dearborn High) RFB-18-2778 05/14/2018
Kitchen Equipment Upgrades RFB-NA 04/03/2018
RFI Technology Design and Project Managemnet Services RFQ-RFI 03/29/2018

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