Huron School District Closed Bids

1-10 of 10 results
Huron High School Elastiwood Synthetic Flooring for Auxiliary Gym ITB-SR-2013-01  07/01/2013   07/19/2013 
Huron Schools-Asphalt Paving ITB-SR-ASPHALT 2013  07/02/2013   07/18/2013 
Lighting Products Bid RFP-SR-DROM LIGHTING  10/01/2012   10/23/2012 
Huron Schools Pool/Roof ITB-SR-POOL/ROOF  06/11/2012   06/26/2012 
Communication/Data Bid ITB-SR-Communication  06/06/2012   06/20/2012 
Electronic School Sign ITB-SR-Sign  02/10/2012   02/28/2012 
Miller Elem Additions/Renovations & Huron High Electrical Ren ITB-RN-1112-001  08/25/2011   09/15/2011 
Asbestos Abatement for Exterior Renovations at Huron High School RFP-CH-Renovations 7-26-11 (Asbestos)  07/14/2011   07/26/2011 
Painting-Huron High School Gymnasium RFP-CH-1011-001  05/25/2011   06/09/2011 
Renton Junior High School & Huron High School Renovations ITB-CH-Renovations  05/16/2011   06/02/2011 

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