Frankenmuth School District Closed Bids

1-14 of 14 results
Frankenmuth High School - Gym HVAC ITB-PM-00032  03/24/2017   04/12/2017 
Removal and Installation of Gym Balcony Railing ITB-PM-00028  02/23/2017   03/10/2017 
Frankenmuth High School Balcony Turf Installation ITB-PM-00030  02/23/2017   03/10/2017 
High School Telescoping Bleacher Installation ITB-PM-20170001  01/10/2017   02/10/2017 
Frankenmuth High School Gym Floor Removal and Installation ITB-PM-20170002  01/10/2017   02/10/2017 
Frankenmuth Rittmueller Middle School HVAC Project ITB-PM-2015-053  02/15/2016   03/02/2016 
Frankenmuth School District Lawn & Grounds Services RFP-PM-01601  01/12/2016   02/05/2016 
Frankenmuth High School Football Lighting Project RFP-PM-0007  07/09/2014   08/27/2014 
RFP for Frankenmuth Middle School Bleacher Installation RFP-PM-006  03/26/2013   04/22/2013 
Frankenmuth Track Resurfacing RFP 2013 RFP-PM-005  03/21/2013   04/19/2013 
Frankenmuth School District Lawn and Grounds Services RFP-PM-01  01/24/2013   03/11/2013 
Frankenmuth School District Lawn and Grounds Services RFP-PM-02  01/24/2013   03/11/2013 
Frankenmuth School District Snow Removal 2012-2013 ITB-PM-2012-2013 Snow Removal  10/09/2012   10/31/2012 
Frankenmuth Area Schools Partial Re-roofing of existing HS RFP-PM-Frankenmuth Area Schools Re-roofing of existing HS  09/12/2012   09/28/2012 

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