Department of Treasury Closed Bids

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Michigan State Tax Commission Assessors Manuals, Volume I and II RFP-JC-271Q3215  04/19/2013   06/03/2013 
Motor Vehicle Decal Printing RFP RFP-GP-271Q3213A  04/22/2013   04/23/2013 
Motor Vehicle Decal Printing RFP RFP-GP-271Q3213  03/20/2013   04/19/2013 
Michigan Tax Guides RFQ-SS-271Q3214  02/22/2013   03/01/2013 
Shared Services Consolidation Consulting and Implementation RFP-JC-271Q2224  12/20/2012   02/01/2013 
Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) Services RFP-TF-271Q3208  11/26/2012   01/07/2013 
Short Term & Asset Backed Commerical Paper Service RFQ-GP-271Q3210  11/15/2012   11/19/2012 
New York Stock Exchange Market Data Services RFQ-TF-271Q3211  11/16/2012   11/19/2012 
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Services RFI-TF-271Q3202  10/03/2012   10/25/2012 
Medical Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services RFI-TF-271Q3203  10/04/2012   10/25/2012 
Post-65 Medicare-eligible Medical Third Party Administrator (TPA) RFI-TF-271Q3204  10/04/2012   10/25/2012 
Prescription Drug Management and Third Party Administrator (TPA) RFI-TF-271Q3205  10/04/2012   10/25/2012 
Spending and Savings Account Administration RFI-TF-271Q3206  10/04/2012   10/25/2012 
Employee Health and Wellness Services RFI-TF-271Q3207  10/04/2012   10/25/2012 
Remote Cash Capture (RCC) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Services RFP-TF-271Q2218  09/27/2012   10/22/2012 
Digital Cigarette Stamps, Machines, Scanners and Related Services RFP-TF-271Q2220  08/03/2012   10/05/2012 
Corporate Bond Issuers Data Access Service RFQ-TF-271Q3201  09/27/2012   09/29/2012 
Sponsorship of Mapping Your Future website RFQ-GP-271Q2223  09/12/2012   09/14/2012 
West Michigan Tax Guides RFQ-DF-271Q2221  08/14/2012   08/16/2012 
Wall Street Research Report Services RFP-GP-271Q2219  07/16/2012   07/30/2012 
Wall Street Journal Subscription RFQ-DF-271Q2217  06/14/2012   06/21/2012 
Municipal Management Services RFP-TF-271Q2206  02/28/2012   03/29/2012 
Emergency Manager Services Statement of Work (SOW) RFP-TF-271Q2210  03/26/2012   03/28/2012 
Income Tax Refund Analysis Pilot RFP-TF-271Q2204  02/17/2012   03/16/2012 
Request For SOW Business Process Review RFP-GP-271Q2207  01/26/2012   02/14/2012 

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