Zeeland Public Schools

Zeeland Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Admin ITB-RW-12/16 Admin 12/16/2022
Woodbridge Paving ITB-RW-WB 12/06/2022
Lincoln Elementary ITB-RW-LincolnBP5 11/17/2022
Zeeland West/Zeeland East ITB-RW-10/14/22 Zeeland West/East 10/15/2022
New Groningen Elementary ITB-RW-11/30/2021 New Groningen 12/16/2021
Zeeland East ITB-RW-11/11/2021 11/30/2021
Zeeland West High School ITB-RW-AE5-1873 Zeeland West High School 03/02/2021
Cityside Addition / Reroof ITB-KR-5-1875 Citysdie Addition / Reroof 03/07/2013
Adams Elementary Playground ITB-KR-5-2405 Adams Playground 06/28/2012
Cityside Reroofing/Sustainable ITB-KR-5-2259 Cityside Roofing 03/29/2012
ZWHS & Quincy Paving ITB-KR-5-2258 ZWHS / Quincy Paving 03/29/2012
Furnishings Bid Package ITB-KR-5-1872, 5-1873, 5-1874, ECC, Adams, New Groningen 03/20/2012
Stadium Track Reconditioning ITB-KR-5-2257 Track Reconditioning 03/08/2012
Early Childhood Center and New Groningen Elementary ITB-KR-A/E 5-1872 ECC / 5-1874 New Groningen 02/29/2012
District Fiber Connections ITB-KR-District Fiber Connections 02/22/2012
Adams Elementary ITB-KR-A/E 5-1873 Adams Elementary 06/28/2011
ZWHS Bus Loop ITB-KR-A/E 5-2034 ZWHS Bus Loop 06/21/2011
Video Monitoring Upgrades ITB-KR-Video Monitoring Upgrades 05/18/2011
ZPS Summer 2011 Energy Enhancements - Mechanical ITB-KR-A/E 5-2095 Energy Enhancements - Mechanical 04/20/2011
East & West High School Cafeteria Furniture ITB-KR-A/E 5-1876/1877 04/18/2011
Lincoln Electrical Upgrades ITB-KR-A/E 5-1994 Lincoln Electrical Upgrades 04/12/2011
Lincoln Rerefoof / Sustainable ITB-KR-A/E 5-1991, Lincoln Reroof/ Sustainable 04/12/2011
ZEHS Flooring Project ITB-KR-A/E 5-1995 ZEHS Flooring 04/12/2011

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