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Closed Solicitations

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Robotics Certification Training Materials RFP-SA-1075 10/03/2013
Cousino High School Gym Floor Replacement RFP-KW-1071 07/11/2013
Automated Time & Attendance System RFP-KW-1072 07/09/2013
Musical Instruments RFP-KW-1070 06/13/2013
MS2TC Lab Equipment RFB-KW-1069 06/07/2013
MS2TC Math Text RFB-KW-1068 06/07/2013
Sterling Heights High School Elevator Replacement RFB-KW-1066 05/15/2013
Gym and Stage Floor Refinishing RFP-KW-1067 05/03/2013
WCS Secure Entrance Improvements RFP-KW-1065 04/23/2013
Paper Towels RFP-KW-1064 03/13/2013
Interactive Summer Reading Program Books RFP-KW-1063 03/05/2013
Asbestos Abatement Butcher Educational Center RFP-JL-1062 02/13/2013
Butcher Interior Renovations RFP-KW-1058 01/31/2013
Musical Instruments for Secondary Education RFP-JL-1057 01/03/2013
Student Response Clicker System RFP-KW-1056 10/09/2012
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Instructional Mat ITB-KW-1055 09/14/2012
Muscial Instruments RFP-KW-1054 09/05/2012
K-6 Science Trade Books RFP-KW-1042 06/28/2012
WCS Middle School Literacy Library Equipment RFP-KW-1041 06/13/2012
Time and Attendance System RFP-KW-1040 05/29/2012
GPS Tracking System RFP-KW-1039 05/07/2012
Football Helmets RFP-KW-1038 04/27/2012
Asbestos Abatement Various Buildings RFP-KW-1034 04/17/2012
Gym Floor Refinishing RFP-KW-1037 04/11/2012
2012 Pavement/Site Work RFP-KW-1036 04/10/2012

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