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Closed Solicitations

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RFP - Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayers RFP-AA-Clorox360Machine 10/12/2020
RFP - MERV-13 Filters RFP-AA-Merv13Filters 10/12/2020
Security Camera System RFP-AA-Security Camera System 01/16/2020
RFP - Ethernet Equipment RFP-AA-Ethernet Equip 01/18/2019
Snow Removal & Ice Melt Services RFP-AA-Snow Removal Services 10/08/2018
Mowing & Leaf Removal Services RFP-AA-LAWN2018 10/08/2018
RFP for Copiers & Copier Maintenance RFP-AA-Copiers 09/18/2018
Trash Removal Service RFP-AA-Trash 06/07/2018
Request for Proposal - CNC Lathe Machine RFP-AA-CTE-CNC Lathe 04/09/2018
Request for Proposal - Wire EDM Machine RFP-AA-WireEDM 04/09/2018
Request for Proposal - Faro Arm & Scanner RFP-AA-FaroArmScanner 04/09/2018
Hot Water Heater & Storage Tanks Replacement RFB-AA-LHS Hot Water Heater 08/24/2017
Paving Improvements - Multiple Sites RFP-AA-Paving 06/13/2017
Kitchen & Equipment Improvements - Multiple Buildings RFP-AA-Kitchen Equip & Renovations 05/10/2017
Wireless Equipment & Cabling RFP-AA-Wireless Equip & Cabling 01/18/2017
Air Cooled Chiller Replacement at Lincoln Middle School RFP-AA-LMS Chiller 12/01/2016
Energy Savings Improvements on a Performance Contracting Basis RFP-AA-Energy Savings Performance Contracting 06/30/2016
RFP for VoIP Telephone System RFB-AA-Phones 05/23/2016
RFP for Energy Savings Performance Contracting Project RFP-AA-Energy 03/01/2016
RFP - Wireless Equipment & Survey RFP-AA-WIRELESS2 01/20/2016
Snow Removal & Ice Melt Services RFP-AA-Snow2015 11/05/2015
Mowing & Leaf Removal Services RFP-AA-LAWN2015 11/05/2015
Kennedy Early Childhood Center Interior Renovations RFP-AA-KECC 05/07/2015
Wireless Management System RFP-AA-Wireless 01/14/2015

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