Portage Public Schools

Portage Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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10580 Student Desks RFP-KD-10580 10/17/2013
10579 Classroom furniture RFP-KD-10579 10/07/2013
10578 SANS Upgrades RFP-KD-10578 SAN Upgrades 10/04/2013
Ceiling Tile quote request RFQ-KD-Ceiling Tile 09/27/2013
Chromebook carts RFP-KD-10577 09/23/2013
10576 Android Tablets RFP-KD-10576 Android Tablets 09/09/2013
Project 10575 Chromebooks RFP-KD-10575 Chromebooks 09/09/2013
20383 Van Bid Request RFP-KD-20383 09/06/2013
McCamley Field Barrier Free Improvements RFP-KD-McCamley Field Barrier Free Improvements 07/10/2013
PCEC Parking Improvements RFP-KD-PCEC Parking Improvements 07/10/2013
Cisco Support Renewal RFP-KD-10572 07/02/2013
Window Blind Replacement RFP-KD-20382 06/26/2013
Carpet Replacement RFP-KD-20381 06/26/2013
Proj 1- Cisco Core Router and Wireless Management System Upgrades RFP-KD-10571 05/22/2013
20379 PCEC Playground RFP-KD-20379 PCEC Playground 05/20/2013
Portage Public Schools Secure Entrances-Office Remodeling RFP-KD-PPS Secure Entrances Remodeling 05/02/2013
Touch Screen Monitors RFP-KD-10570 04/26/2013
Computers RFP-KD-10569 04/26/2013
West Middle & Northern High School Roof Replacement Projects RFP-KD-12-204.20 04/12/2013
PPS 2415 Surveillance Camera Server Upgrades RFP-KD-15 03/04/2013
Access Control Door Additions RFP-KD-10560 02/05/2013
School Buses RFP-KD-20376B 01/24/2013
Food Truck Chassis RFP-KD-20376 01/14/2013
Maintenance Pickup Truck RFP-KD-20375 11/02/2012
Window Blinds RFP-KD-20372 10/22/2012

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