Monroe Public Schools

Monroe Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Technology Refresh 2013 RFP-LS-2013TECH 06/19/2013
MHS Masonry Repairs RFP-LS-1329 06/11/2013
MMS Boiler Replacement Phase 2 RFP-LS-1302 03/12/2013
MHS Parking Lot Reconstruction RFP-LS-1242 03/12/2013
MHS I-Wing Metal Roofing Retrofit RFP-LS-1301 03/12/2013
Exterior Concrete & Related Work at 3 locations RFP-LS-1304 03/12/2013
Operations Center Asphalt Parking Lot Reconstruction RFP-LS-1210 03/12/2013
2012 Sound Bid RFP-LS-2012 Sound Bid 08/08/2012
Security Service RFP-LS-Security Services 06/28/2012
RFP Breakfast and Lunch Assistants RFP-LS-RFP Breakfast.Lunch Asst 06/13/2012
Clerical and Secretarial RFP RFP-LS-Clerical 06/08/2012
Custodial Services RFP-LS-Custodial Services 05/25/2012
RFP Transporation Services RFP-LS-Transportation Services 05/25/2012
Main Office Renovations RFP-LS-1226 05/16/2012
Parking Lot Reconstruction RFP-LS-1205 05/16/2012
Christiancy Demolition RFP-LS-1217 03/21/2012
Lincoln demolition RFP-LS-1218 03/21/2012
MMS Boiler and AHU Replacement RFP-LS-1107 02/28/2012
MMS Hot Water Heater Replacement RFP-LS-1119 02/28/2012
Christiancy Demoliton Asbestos Abatement RFP-LS-ChrAsb 02/28/2012
Lincoln Demolition Asbestos Abatement RFP-LS-LincAsb 02/28/2012
MHS E-Wing Roof RFP-LS-1204 02/28/2012
Parking lot reconstruction RFP-KL-1128 06/01/2011
Concrete walk replacement RFP-KL-1121 06/01/2011
Masonry Repairs and Related Work RFP-KL-1141 06/01/2011

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