Marshall Public Schools

Marshall Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Desktop Computers - Refurbished Equipment RFB-BJ-15-MPS-DC-01 07/16/2015
Summer 2014 Bid Projects RFB-TB-Summer 2014 04/14/2014
HS_Bleacher_Bids_2014 RFB-TB-HS-Bleachers-2014 03/17/2014
Roof_G_MHS_2014 RFB-TB-RoofG_MHS 02/21/2014
Gordon Roof Ad RFB-TB-GordonCafeRoof2013 04/10/2013
Security Cameras 2013 RFB-TB-Security-Cameras-2013 03/25/2013
MARSHALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Will accept bids for 2013 Summer Project RFB-TB-Summer_2013_Awards 03/18/2013
Classroom Audio Visual Systems/Digital IP Television System RFB-TB-12-MPS-AVS-01 06/13/2012
MS_HS Asbestos Removal RFB-TB-AA_2012 05/14/2012
Marshall Middle School Phase 2 RFB-TB-MS-2 04/11/2012
Walters Elementary Playground RFB-TB-WPG 04/11/2012
LRC Roof Bids RFB-TB-LRC-2012 03/14/2012
Bids Wanted for Structured Cabling - 12-MPS-SCS-01 RFB-TB-12-MPS-SCS-01 02/14/2012
Bids Wanted for Wireless LAN - 12-MPS-LAN-01 RFB-TB-12-MPS-LAN-01 02/14/2012
Construction Bids to be Accepted Notice - High School RFB-TB-20120103 01/25/2012
Shearman Demolition RFB-TB-4 10/10/2011
MPS Cabling Bid Summer 2011 RFB-TB-2 06/09/2011
Upgrades to High School Baseball Field RFB-TB-Upgrades to High School Baseball Field 05/11/2011
Renovations and Remodeling RFB-TB-Renovations and Remodeling 04/26/2011

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