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Closed Solicitations

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Demolition of Nankin Mills and Washington Schools. RFB-KP-14-355-01 03/27/2014
Boiler Room Drainage Improvements RFB-KP-14-215-01 03/24/2014
Invitation to bid - high school press boxes RFB-KP-B2013-013 02/27/2014
Asbestos Abatement Cooper Elementary and Frost Middle Schs. RFB-KP-B2013-012 02/26/2014
Technology Infrastructure RFB-KP-Technology Infrastructure 02/21/2014
Asbestos Abatement-Cleveland, Coolidge and Rosedale Elem Schs. RFB-KP-B2013-010 02/20/2014
Renovation Cooper Upper Elementary and Frost Middle School RFB-KP-B2013-011 02/20/2014
Renovation Project RFB-KP-B2013-008 02/13/2014
Asbestos Abatement for Cleveland, Coolidge and Rosedale Elem Schs. RFB-KP-B2013-009 01/30/2014
Pre-Purchase Pricing Package for 2013 Bond Program RFP-KP-B2013-0007 12/20/2013
RFP of Real Property RFP-KP-20131219 12/19/2013
Web Hosting RFP-KP-13-355-01 12/03/2013
Floor Care Equipment RFB-BS-13-355 11/26/2013
Fitness Equipment RFB-BS-13-270-280-290FE 11/19/2013
Environmental Consulting Services RFP-KP-b2013-005 10/29/2013
Commissioning Services for 2013 Bond Project RFP-KP-B2013-006 10/29/2013
Food Service Equipment RFB-BS-13-318-01 10/21/2013
Waste Removal RFB-BS-13-355-01 09/17/2013
Fuel for Bulk Storage (Diesel and Gasoline) RFB-BS-13-350-01-R 09/17/2013
Fleet Fuel (Diesel and Gasoline) RFB-BS-13-350-01 09/06/2013
Construction Manager Servcies RFP-KP-B2013-004 08/20/2013
RFP Technology Design Services RFP-KP-B2013-003 07/31/2013
Architectural/Engireering Design Services RFP-KP-B2013-002 07/02/2013
Facility Standards RFP-KP-B2013-001 06/05/2013
Concrete replacment RFB-RR-13-355-01 06/03/2013

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