Lenawee Intermediate School District

Lenawee Intermediate School District

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Closed Solicitations

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Desk-top Computers and Monitors RFB-NA-Desk-top Computers and Monitors 08/21/2015
LISD - Data Network Upgrade RFB-NA-Data-Network-Upgrade 04/22/2015
School Bus Lease RFB-KH-2014 04/30/2014
LISD Automotive Scissor-type Alignment Lift RFB-TK-041714 04/28/2014
LISD TECH Center Classroom 1-3 Audio and Video Upgrade RFB-NA-LISD TECH Center Classroom 1-3 Audio and Video Upgrad 04/18/2014
LISD Consolidated Computer Purchase RFB-NA-LISD Consolidated Computer Purchase 04/11/2014
LISD TECH Center HVAC Improvement Project RFB-TK-031014 03/24/2014
LISD TECH Center HVAC Project RFB-TK-2414 02/25/2014
LISD TECH Center 2014 HVAC Renovation Project RFB-TK-121913 01/27/2014
Diesel-powered School RFB RFB-KH-Hudson School Bus 122313 01/10/2014
Adult Patient Simulator and Nursing Manikins RFB-KH-2013 12/20/2013
School Bus RFB RFB-KH-2013-Blissfield School Bus 10/30/2013
Cargo Van RFB-TK-101413 10/23/2013
RFP GrassHopper Mowers with attachments RFB-TK-101613 10/23/2013
RFP Access drive RFB-TK-091313 09/24/2013
Utility Vehicle RFB-TK-91213 09/20/2013
Courier Services RFB-KH-Courier Services-2013 07/26/2013
HVAC System Improvements RFB-KH-2013-LISD TECH HVAC 07/16/2013
Classroom/Laboratory Furniture RFB-KH-2013-LISD CSF Furniture 06/21/2013
LISD CSF Access Control System RFP RFB-KH-13-1234 06/20/2013
District Asphalt Maintenance RFB-TK-1 06/19/2013
LISD Porter Center Paving Renovations RFB-KH-Porter Center Paving 05/29/2013
Video Security Systems RFB-KH-LISDCSF-Video Surveillance 05/28/2013
LISD TECH Center Energy Conservation Project RFB-KH-LISD TECH Energy Conservation 05/24/2013

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