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Closed Solicitations

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Food Service Relocation RFP-JL-SO-1663 12/12/2013
Auditorium Seating Upgrade RFP-DS-DO-1648 07/09/2013
Parking Lot Upgrades RFP-DS-SO-1650 07/09/2013
Toilet Partition Replacement and Painting RFP-DS-1652 07/09/2013
Concrete Replacement RFP-DS-SO-1649 07/09/2013
Boiler Upgrades RFP-DS-SO-1657 07/08/2013
HVAC Systems Upgrades RFP-JL-SO-1659 07/08/2013
Building Access Systems RFP-DS-SO-1658 07/08/2013
Energy Management System Upgrades RFP-DS-SO-1660 07/08/2013
Vinyl Composition Tile Replacement RFP-DS-SO-1651 06/25/2013
Partial Roof Replacement (Gardner adn Lyons) RFP-DS-SO-1654 06/25/2013
Ceiling and Lighting Replacement Everett High School RFP-DS-SO-1653 06/25/2013
Asbestos Abatement, Bldg Demo, Site Restoration for Northwestern RFP-DS-SO-1644 03/21/2013
Sexton South Wall Renovations ITB-DS-SO1643 02/28/2013
Board Room Renovation ITB-DS-SO-1638 01/31/2013
Hill Center Miscellaneous Interior Repairs ITB-DS-SO-1634 12/04/2012
Mgt & Industrial Hygiene Serv for NWestern Elem School Consulting RFP-DS- SO-1635 Mgt & Industrial Hygiene Services for 10/30/2012
SO-1633 Hill Ctr Phase 4 Parking Lot Repair ITB-DS-SO-1633 10/08/2012
Hill Center Emergency Pool Repair ITB-DS-SO-1632 08/07/2012
Eastern High Student Clinic ITB-DS-SO-1631 08/06/2012
Parking Lot Improvements Beekman Center and Eastern High School ITB-DS-SO-1627 07/09/2012
Garnder Middle School Renovations ITB-DS-SO-1625 06/18/2012
Food Service Relocation ITB-DS-SO-1622 06/14/2012
Eastern High School Restructuring RE BID ITB-DS-SO-1618 RE BID 06/14/2012
Sexton HS Running Track Surfacing and Marking ITB-DS-SO-1620 06/04/2012

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