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Closed Solicitations

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Staging Items RFQ-AC-R1800363AC 12/07/2017
West Campus-Kitchen Roof Top Units (RTU) and Storage Area RFP-EL-50201-652-17EL 12/06/2017
West Campus Welding & Pre-Stage Room-Mechanical HVAC Systems RFP-EL-50201-650-17EL 11/30/2017
SCBA Equipment Rental for Fire Academy Students IFB-AC-406700-1009-17AC 11/27/2017
Turnout Gear Rental IFB-AC-406700-1010-17AC 11/27/2017
Bobcat Repair RFQ-AC-Bobcat Repair 11/22/2017
Dart & Early Learning Children's Community-Mechanical Upgrades RFP-EL-50201-641-17EL 11/21/2017
Canon C200 Camera Equipment IFB-AC-60001-1011-17AC 11/17/2017
515 N Capitol Avenue-Exterior Upgrades RFP-EL-50201-640-17EL 11/07/2017
Fire Science Academy Student PT Uniform Sets IFB-AC-406700-1008-17AC 10/31/2017
Turnout Jackets and Pants RFQ-AC-R1800289AC 10/19/2017
Bus Bathroom Repair RFQ-AC-Bus Bathroom Repair 10/17/2017
Emergency Bus Rescue RFQ-AC-Emergency Bus Rescue 10/17/2017
Gas Furnaces and Air Conditioners RFQ-DE-R1800161-DE 10/02/2017
Health & Human Services (HHS)-Mechanical/Chiller System Upgrade RFP-EL-50201-642-17EL 09/21/2017
Downtown Campus Concrete Replacement IFB-EL-50201-1005-17EL 09/18/2017
Automatic Tool Changer RFQ-AC-407000-1007-17AC 09/08/2017
LED Retrofit Kit IFB-AC-407000-1006-17AC 09/05/2017
Athletic Uniforms and Footwear Vendor Pool RFP-DE-20000-649-17DE 08/24/2017
West Campus-Air Compressors Preventative Maintenance Services IFB-EL-50201-994-17EL 08/17/2017
UC-Carnegie Library-South Facade Revisions IFB-EL-50201-1002-17EL 08/16/2017
515 N. Capitol Avenue-Roof Replacement IFB-EL-50201-981-17EL 08/16/2017
Lab Equipment IFB-AC-407500-1003-17AC 08/07/2017
Splunk Enterprise Support Renewal IFB-AC-60001-1004-17AC 08/04/2017
Automated Financial Aid System RFP-SS-20300-648-17SS 07/28/2017

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