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Closed Solicitations

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Scala License Maintenance and New Licenses RFQ-SG-R1900648SG 05/13/2019
Audio and Monitor ITS Equipment RFQ-SG-R1900655SG 05/13/2019
Per Unit Gas, Tank Rentals and Welding Supplies and Services RFP-BV-406200-694-19BV 05/10/2019
Grounds Maintenance RFP-EL-50201-688-19EL 05/09/2019
Athletic Trainer RFP-DE-20610-696-19DE 05/07/2019
BCI Qualified Independent Contractor RFP-BV-30300-691-19BV 05/02/2019
Grant Writing Services - Cyber Security RFP-DE-13000-692-19DE 05/01/2019
Downtown Campus-Concrete Replacement RFP-EL-50201-693-19EL 04/18/2019
Gannon Parking Structure Repairs 2019 RFP-EL-50201-690-19EL 04/12/2019
Alpine Runner Treadmill Fitness Equipment IFB-DE-405500-1030-19DE 04/02/2019
AVID Annual Upgrade and Support Renewal Plan RFQ-SG-R1900554SG 03/29/2019
Campus-Wide Emergency Drain Cleaning Services IFB-EL-50201-1029-19EL 03/29/2019
Campus-Wide Moving Services RFP-EL-50201-687-19EL 03/29/2019
Campus-Wide Hazardous Materials Abatement Services RFP-EL-50201-686-19EL 03/29/2019
Campus-Wide Flooring Contractors Maintenance Services RFP-EL-50201-685-19EL 03/29/2019
Downtown Campus (DTC)-Irrigation, Backflow, and Fire Protection RFP-EL-50201-670-18EL 03/28/2019
Qualified Design Services Supplier Pool RFP-EL-13200-684-19EL 03/22/2019
Grant Evaluator Services Pool RFP-SS-1300-605-15SSP 03/18/2019
Grant Writer Services Pool RFP-SS-1300-604-15SSP 03/18/2019
Armored Courier and Smart Safe Equipment and Services RFP-SG-70100-683-19SG 02/08/2019
Health & Human Services (HHS)-Metal Panel Replacement IFB-EL-50201-1026-18EL 02/04/2019
Event Diagram and Contact Management Software Solution RFP-SG-40600-674-19SG 01/25/2019
IT - Video Wall Package plus Processor IFB-SG-R1900411SG 01/24/2019
Dart Auditorium-Fire Curtain and Rigging Replacement RFP-EL-50201-682-18EL 01/18/2019
Arts & Sciences (A&S) Building-Lower Level Renovations RFP-EL-50201-681-18EL 01/10/2019

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