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Closed Solicitations

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Lakeshore Public Schools HS and MS Partial Roof Replacement -2023 ITB-NW-2023-01 01/26/2023
2023 – LHS Gym Chilled Water Coil Retrofit / VFD Fan Replacement ITB-NW-2023-02 01/20/2023
Lakeshore Public Schools- Ford Transit 10 Passenger Van Purchase ITB-NW-2022-7 10/27/2022
2022 LPS AugmentedArc Welder Bid ITB-NW-2022-6 09/09/2022
Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment RFQ-NW-2022-8 05/06/2022
Kohn Fieldhouse and Stadium Improvements ITB-NW-2021-7 04/19/2022
Partial Roof and Misc Mechainical / Electrical / General Work ITB-NW-2022-4 04/05/2022
Passenger Vehicles RFP-NW-2022-3 03/11/2022
2022 Machine Tool Equipment RFP-NW-2022-2 02/11/2022
Lakeshore Public Schools - 2022 Safebolt Lock Installation ITB-NW-2022-1 01/31/2022
Lakeshore Public Schools - Used School Bus Purchase RFP-NW-2021-11 08/06/2021
LPS 2021 Precision Measurement Instrument Kit Purchase RFP-NW-2021-7 06/24/2021
LPS 2021 Welder Purchase ITB-NW-2021-6 06/09/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - Middle School HVAC Upgrades ITB-NW-2021-05 05/06/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - Rigging Replacement Upgrades Auditorium ITB-NW-2021-02 04/29/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - 2021 Stadium Masonry Repair ITB-NW-2021-03 04/29/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - Partial Roof Replacement- LHS & Stewart ITB-NW-2021-2 04/27/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - Used School Bus Purchase RFP-NW-2021-01 04/07/2021
Lakeshore Public Schools - Mechanical Upgrades- Elementary Blds ITB-NW-2020-05 03/05/2020
Stewart Elementary Playground Improvments ITB-NW-2020-01 02/20/2020
Lakeshore Public Schools - LHS Interior Remodeling ITB-NW-2020-02 02/20/2020
Lakeshore Public Schools - Elementary Fire Alarm Replacements ITB-NW-2020-03 02/20/2020
Lakeshore Public Schools - Hollywood Elementary Roof Replacement ITB-NW-2020-04 02/20/2020
Lakeshore 2019 HS Remodeling ITB-NW-2019-21 10/21/2019
2019 CAD Computer Replacement ITB-NW-2019-20 06/20/2019

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