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Closed Solicitations

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2013 Kent ISD - Kent Innovation A/V Bid RFB-BD-2013 KISD Kent Innovation AV Bids 07/01/2013
2013 Fiber Connection Bid RFB-BD-2013 KISD Fiber Connection Bid 06/17/2013
2013 KISD Servers and Network Storage RFB-BD-2013 KISD Servers and Network Storage 06/05/2013
2013 KISD Digital Upgrade Controls RFB-BD-2013 Digital Upgrade Controls 05/10/2013
2013 KISD KCTC Door Replacement Project RFB-BD-2013 KCTC Door Replacement Project 05/08/2013
2013 KISD ESC Ceiling Tile Project RFB-BD-2013 ESC Ceiling Tile Bid 05/08/2013
2013 Kent ISD Pupil Transportation Services RFB-BD-2013 Pupil Transportation Services 04/30/2013
2013 Kent County Region 1 Bleacher Inspection Bid RFB-BD-2013 Region 1 Bleacher Inspections 04/12/2013
2013 KISD KTC Floor Tile Project RFB-BD-2013 KTC Floor Tile Project 04/05/2013
2013 KISD Unit Ventilator and Digital Controls upgrades for KCTC RFB-BD-2013 KCTC UVT Replacement 03/25/2013
2012 Kent ISD - Kent Innovation Addition/Remodel RFB-TP-2012 Kent Innovation Addition/Remodel 11/29/2012
Wyoming Public Schools - Wireless Clock System and Installation RFB-BD-Wyoming Public Schools 11/16/2012
Godwin Heights Public Schools - Food Service Renovations RFB-BD-Godwin Heights PS - Food Service Renovations 07/10/2012
Kent ISD Fiber Connection Bid RFB-BD-2012 Kent ISD Fiber Connection Bid (5 Mile) 06/18/2012
2012 Ceiling Tile Replacement RFB-BD-2012 Ceiling Tile Replacement 05/11/2012
2012 Unit Ventilator and Digital Control Upgrades RFB-BD-2012 Unit Ventilator and Digital Control Upgrades 05/11/2012
2012 KCC Boiler Replacement Bid RFB-BD-2012 KCC Boiler Replacement 05/10/2012
2012 KISD Window Replacement (Re-bid) RFB-BD-2012 Window Replacement (Re-bid) 04/09/2012
2012 KISD Cooling Tower Replacement Bid RFB-BD-2012 KISD Cooling Tower Replacement 01/31/2012
2012 KISD KAC FIBER CONNECTION BID RFB-BD-2012 KISD KAC Fiber Connection Bid 01/27/2012
2012 Door Replacement Bid RFB-BD-2012 Door Replacement 01/24/2012
2012 KISD Window Replacement Bid RFB-BD-2012 KISD Window Replacement Bid 01/24/2012
2011 Kent ISD Waste Disposal Services Bid RFB-BD-2011 Waste Disposal Services Bid 10/17/2011
2011 Kent ISD LED Light Pole Replacements RFB-BD-2011 - LED Lighting Upgrades 05/04/2011
HVAC Upgrades RFB-BD-HVAC Upgrades 03/28/2011

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