Jenison Public Schools

Jenison Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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lighting upgrades ITB-KK-lighting upgrades 05/04/2015
JPS Message Signage ITB-KH-11004 11/20/2013
Office Furniture RFP-KH-00113 07/30/2013
Telephone System ITB-KH-13001 07/30/2013
Fiber optic utility ITB-KH-13002 07/30/2013
New Tables & Chairs RFP-KH-13006 07/30/2013
iPad Mobile Carts- 053113 ITB-KH-00531 06/25/2013
JPS Music Instruments RFP-KH-01 JPS Music Instruments 06/17/2013
JPS Music Equipment RFP-KH-02 JPS Music Equipment 06/17/2013
Phase II technology ITB-KH-TECH.PH.002 04/02/2013
Artificial Turf Replacement - Football & Soccer Fields RFP-KH-101 03/08/2013
Laptops and COW carts RFQ-KH-20130116 02/05/2013
Media Center Renovation ITB-KH-0001-MC12 06/26/2012
Request for Bids ITB-KH-0001 06/05/2012
District Technology Improvements ITB-KH-0401 05/01/2012
Advertisement for Bids ITB-KH-02 02/15/2012
High School Band Uniform Purchase RFP-KH-BandUniforms2012 01/30/2012
Wireless Network ITB-KH- TECH W100-1 11/04/2011
BUSES - 3 rear transit, 1 special needs RFP-KH-Buses 08/01/2011
Cardio Equipment RFP RFP-KH-2011-06-30 06/30/2011
Fitness Center and Reroofing ITB-KH-001 06/14/2011
Carpet Replacement RFP-KH-11001 06/02/2011
JPS Weight Room Equipment RFP-KH-Equipment1 04/25/2011
JPS Weight Room Flooring - Infinity Max RFP-KH-Weight Room Flooring 04/25/2011

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