Hudsonville Public Schools

Hudsonville Public Schools

Welcome to the Michigan Bid System on behalf of Hudsonville Public Schools

Hudsonville Public Schools Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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HPS RFP for VOIP Telecommunications System RFP-VR-VOIP 04/03/2019
Fitness Center Proposals RFP-VR-Fitness Center 05/07/2018
Hudsonville Public Schools is currently seeking bids ITB-VR-Lee Arntz 03/20/2018
Networked Document Imaging & Equipment Management Software Bid RFP-VR-network print 11/03/2017
Hudsonville Public Schools will receive proposals ITB-VR-Summer 2017Furnishings Bid Package 03/24/2017
Advertisement for Bids ITB-VR-Alward Elementary Phase 2 Bid 05 11/30/2016
Alward Elementary Phase 2 Advertisement for Bids RFP-VR-Alward Elementary Phase 2 10/04/2016
Modification to Existing Security/Electronic Door Lock System ITB-VR-Door Lock Modifications 08/09/2016
Building & Grounds Equipment ITB-VR-HCSR 05/23/2016
Heritage/South Kitchen Equipment ITB-VR-JHFS 05/09/2016
Hudsonville Public Schools is accepting proposals ITB-VR-GMB 05/06/2016
Invitation to Bid for Stadium Scoreboard ITB-VR-03/22/16 03/22/2016
GES Boiler Replacement ITB-VR-GES Boiler 12/01/2014
Hudsonville High School Pool UV System RFP-VR-GMB050214 05/16/2014
Physical Education and Athletics bid Request for Pricing ITB-VR-Athletics 04/28/2014
Early Childhood Center RFP-VR-3714 04/01/2014
New 9+ High School - furnishings RFP-VR-GMB31114 03/27/2014
District Storage Building Addition RFP-VR-12-1-13 12/18/2013
9+ Projects Bid RFP-VR-9+Miscellaneous Bid 11/27/2013
Advertisement for Bids RFP-VR-Triangle Project 08/13/2013
Installation/Alteration of Fiber RFP-VR-T-9 Bid 07/01/2013
Security Bid RFP-VR-0604 06/04/2013
SES Equipment Bid RFP-VR-SES Equipment 05/28/2013
Furnishings Bid Package RFP-VR-GMB5-2142 04/30/2013
Park Elementary School Classroom Addition RFP-VR-GMB 04/10/2013

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