Harper Creek Community Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Invitation to bid, complete bus camera system to include install. ITB-JR-556 12/13/2022
Invitation to bid lift bus ITB-JR-Trans100 08/04/2022
Middle School and Softball Sidewalk Project ITB-JR-MS2022 06/08/2022
Sonoma Parking Lot Extension ITB-JR-SO1 06/08/2022
Custodial Request for Proposal Harper Creek Community Schools RFP-JR-Cust2022 04/22/2022
Harper creek Community Schools Chromebook RFP RFP-JR-Tech010 03/09/2022
Harper Creek Community Schools Windows Laptops RFP RFP-JR-Tech011 03/09/2022
Harper Creek High School HVAC Improvements ITB-JR-123 01/05/2022
Harper Creek Natatorium Scoring and Video System ITB-JR-11302021 01/03/2022
Middle School Scoreboards RFQ-JR-MS003 07/20/2021
Harper Creek Wide area mower RFQ-JR-00233 07/16/2021
Wattles Park Mens Club Building. RFP-JR-WPMC2021 06/04/2021
Windows Laptops RFP-JR-Tech001 05/15/2020
Chromebook RFP RFP-JR-JM002 05/15/2020
Harper Creek Vestibule Project ITB-JR-024 11/05/2019
Maintenance/Plow Truck Purchase ITB-JR-023 09/04/2019
Harper Creek Community Schools Windows Laptops Request for Proposa RFP-JR-Tech1 05/10/2019
Harper Creek HS and MS Wood Floor Refinishing. RFP-JR-Gym001 04/26/2019
Harper Creek Community Schools software and licensing RFP RFP-JR-023 04/15/2019
Harper Creek Community Schools Middle School Cafeteria Line Phase RFP-JR-MS002 03/22/2019
Harper Creek Community Schools Middle School Cafeteria line. ITB-JR-006 02/15/2019
Copy and Print Services Best Value RFP RFP-JR-009 04/30/2018
Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair Project ITB-JR-010 03/22/2018
Stadium Track Resurfacing and Relining ITB-JR-0010 02/26/2018
Beadle Lake Elementary West Parent Loop Project ITB-JR-BL001 11/28/2017

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