Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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GRCC Office Supplies 2019 RFQ-MD-1819-4527 04/18/2019
ATC Fire Sprinkler Head Replacement RFP-MM-1819-4258 04/17/2019
Tensile Tester RFQ-MM-1819-4257B 04/02/2019
GRCC Audio Visual 2019 Commencement Equipment RFP-MM-1819-3279 03/27/2019
Applied Technology Center Renovation and Expansion RFP-MM-1819-3287 03/19/2019
GRCC Lettinga House Renovations RFP-MM-1819-3294A 03/14/2019
Mable Engle Hall Renovations RFP-MM-1819-3294B 03/14/2019
Dental Lighting Upgrade RFQ-MM-1819-3293 03/13/2019
Sneden Hall Chiller RFP-MM-1819-2315 02/19/2019
Lettinga House Bid Package 1 - Elevator RFP-MM-1819-1355A 01/10/2019
Mable Engle Hall - Bid Package 1 - Elevator RFP-MM-1819-1355B 01/10/2019
2019 Ford F250 4x4 Pickup Truck RFQ-MM-1819-12020 12/11/2018
Chiller and VRF Inspections & Maintenance RFP-MM-1819-8137G-1 09/26/2018
Water Treatment RFP-MM-1819-8137K 08/29/2018
Tree Maintenance RFP-MM-1819-8137J 08/29/2018
Plumbing Services RFP-MM-1819-8137I 08/29/2018
Pest Control RFP-MM-1819-8137H 08/29/2018
Chiller and VRF Inspections & Maintenance RFP-MM-1819-8137G 08/29/2018
HVAC Services RFP-MM-1819-8137F 08/29/2018
Elevator Servuce RFP-MM-1819-8137E 08/29/2018
Electrical Services RFP-MM-1819-8137D 08/29/2018
Carpet/Vinyl Installation RFP-MM-1819-8137C 08/29/2018
Carpeting RFP-MM-1819-8137B 08/29/2018
Air Filters RFP-MM-1819-8137A 08/29/2018

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