Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Instrument RFQ-MM-1213-11063 10/29/2012
Enterprise Storage RFP-MM-1213-11067 10/25/2012
Secchia Institute Food Service Equipment (2) RFQ-MM-1213-11068 10/24/2012
College Park Plaza Commissioning RFP-MM-1213-10083 10/10/2012
College Park Plaza Infrastructure Renovation RFP-MM-1213-9098 09/24/2012
Peter & Pat Cook Hall Commissioning RFP-MM-1213-9102 09/20/2012
GRCC Online Academic Catalog RFP-MM-1213-9104 09/18/2012
MGI Meteor DP60 Supplies RFQ-MM-1213-9118B 09/04/2012
Automotive Parts RFQ-MM-1112-9118 09/04/2012
Internet Service Provider RFP-MM-1213-8131 08/22/2012
High Speed/Quality Copier-Printer Solution RFP-MM-1213-8137 08/16/2012
Document Shredding Services RFQ-MM-1213-8144B 08/09/2012
Janitorial Supplies RFQ-MM-1213-7-8144 08/09/2012
Ford Fieldhouse Electrical Upgrades RFQ-MM-1213-8151 08/06/2012
GRCC 12/13 Welding Supplies RFQ-MM-1213-7153 07/31/2012
High Speed/Quality Copier-Printer Solution RFP-MM-1213-8130 07/30/2012
Kitchen Accessories, Tools & China RFQ-MM-1213-7160 07/24/2012
2012-2013 Student Policy Handbook RFQ-MM-1213-7168 07/16/2012
Default Prevention & Financial Literacy Services RFP-MM-1213-7175 07/09/2012
Bond Investment Advisor Services RFP-MM-1112-6187 06/27/2012
Novell Academic Licensing RFQ-MM-1112-6173B 06/21/2012
College Channel HETA Equipment RFQ-MM-1112-6173 06/21/2012
SICE Class/Lab A/V Equipment RFQ-MM-1112-6202 06/12/2012
Carpet/Vinyl Installation RFQ-MM-1112-6208B 06/11/2012
Carpeting RFQ-MM-1112-6208A 06/11/2012

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