Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Enrollment Reporting Management RFP-MM-1718-1356 01/09/2018
Disc Expansion Software RFQ-MM-1718-11033 11/28/2017
GRCC Investment Management RFI-MM-1718-10073-1 10/24/2017
GRCC Incvestement Manager RFI-MM-1718-10073 09/29/2017
Construction Manager Services for ATC Addition & Renovation RFP-MM-1718-9103B 09/19/2017
GRCC ATC Architectural and Engineering Design Services RFP-MM-1718-9103A 09/19/2017
Construction Manager Services for Ford Fieldhouse Renovation RFP-MM-1718-8122 08/31/2017
GRCC Ford Fieldhouse Architectural and Engineering Design Services RFP-MM-1718-8130 08/23/2017
Ford Fieldhouse Spinning Bikes RFQ-MD-1314-8213 08/01/2013
2013-2014 Student Policy Handbook RFQ-MM-1314-7159 07/25/2013
Ford Fieldhouse Treadmills RFP-MM-1314-7159B 07/25/2013
Vending Services RFP-MM-1314-7159 07/25/2013
Window Washing RFP-MM-1314-7168 07/16/2013
De-Icing Salt RFQ-MM-1314-7142C 07/02/2013
Snow Removal Services RFP-MM-1314-7182B 07/02/2013
Banking Services RFP-MM-1314-7182 07/02/2013
GRCC Bowling RFP-MM-1213-6175 06/24/2013
Presort, Mailing & Related Services RFP-MM-1213-6194B 06/20/2013
GRCC Preschool Foodservice Program RFQ-MM-1213-6194 06/20/2013
GRCC Main Building Infrastructure Renovation – BP No. 5 (rebid) RFP-MM-1213-5216-2 06/06/2013
Institutional Culture Audit RFP-MM-1213-3216B 06/04/2013
Belknap Field Upgrade RFP-MM-1213-6210 06/04/2013
GRCC Main Building Infrastructure Renovation – Bid Package No. 5 RFP-MM-1213-5216-1 05/29/2013
Multimedia Systems - Cook and Main Buildings RFP-MM-1213-5229 05/22/2013

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