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BCI Qualified - Independent Contractor   06/03/2022 
RFP No. 6113 - Workforce Dev. and Cont. Edu Management System   11/15/2019 
Community Education & Workforce Development Materials and Supplies   11/08/2019 
RFP-DC-6112-Student Success and Academic Alert Application   11/08/2019 
Owner's Representative Services, RU Schools, District #1   11/04/2019 
Debt Collection Services   10/31/2019 
Telephony System   10/31/2019 
BATHROOM BID   10/31/2019 
Cherry Knoll Elementary Classroom Additions   10/29/2019 
Explorer Elementary Kitchen Remodeling   10/29/2019 
Ramps H & J Improvements   10/29/2019 
Vending Machines for Students and Staff SummitAcadem North 1920   10/28/2019 
Security Window Film Bids   10/25/2019 
Owner's Construction Representative   10/23/2019 
Head‐End Move RFP   10/22/2019 
Classroom, Conference Room, & Cart AV RFP   10/22/2019 
Video Surveillance System RFP   10/22/2019 
Adult Education Tutoring Services   10/22/2019 
Server, Storage & Backup Infrastructure    10/22/2019 
Lakeshore 2019 HS Remodeling   10/21/2019 
Radiologic Technology   10/18/2019 
RFQ 1763-Auto STEAM Days   10/18/2019 
Parking Lot Resurfacing   10/18/2019 
West Campus Air Compressor Maintenance Services   10/17/2019 
Head End Room Cooling & Electrical   10/17/2019 
SB. No 6111 - HP Desktops, Laptops, and Accessories   10/16/2019 
BP4 & BP5 -Ball Fields and Indoor Practice Facility   10/15/2019 

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