Bedford Public Schools

Bedford Public Schools

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Bedford Public Schools Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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Lawn Mowing RFQ-AM-LAWN2022 03/17/2022
BPS Track Loader RFQ-AM-TL 06/15/2021
SRE Safe Entry RFP-AM-SRE Safe Entry 07/31/2018
TRE Sale RFP-AM-TRE Sale 06/29/2018
Trash Removal Proposal RFP-AM-TRA-2018 05/22/2018
BPS Lighting Materials RFQ-AM-LIGHTING 2018 04/23/2018
Partial Parking Lot Replacement & Repairs, JRE & DRE RFQ-AM-JRE, DRE-PARKING 06/13/2017
Partial Parking Lot Replacement & Repairs RFQ-AM-JHS PARKING 05/30/2017
Lawn Mowing RFP 2017 RFP-AM-LAWN 2017 03/14/2017
Storage Shed Project RFQ-AM-SHS-SHED 11/28/2016
SRE Playground RFQ-AM-SRE PLAYGROUND 03/15/2016
BPS Energy Contract RFP-AM-energy savings 03/04/2016
SRE/Ad Bldg Floor Covering RFQ-AM-SRE AD BLDG FLOORING 11/17/2015
JRE and DRE Parking Lot Repaving RFP-AM-JRE DRE REPAVE 06/23/2015
JRE and DRE Parking Lot Chip Seal RFP-AM-JRE DRE Chip Seal 06/23/2015
SHS Tennis Court Renovation RFP-AM-SHS-TENNIS 06/09/2015
SHS Track Renovation RFP-AM-SHS-TRACK 06/09/2015
Mass Notification Project RFP-AM-NOTIFICATION-040915 04/21/2015
Bedford Energy Project RFP-AM-ENERGY-030215 03/12/2015
JRE/DRE Safe Entry Project RFP-AM-JRE/DRE-SAFE 10/21/2014
SRE Boiler Replacement RFQ-AM-SRE090514 09/23/2014
SHS Water Heater Replacement RFQ-AM-SHS 110813 11/19/2013
Foyers & Doors Bid RFQ-AM-FOYER080913 08/27/2013
Chromebooks RFQ-AM-CHROME071013 07/23/2013

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