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Closed Solicitations

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Huron High School Main Chiller IFB-JZ-13-002 10/28/2013
AAPS Management Operations Review IFB-AA-14-001-625 10/25/2013
AAPS - Huron High School Choir Uniforms IFB-AA-14-001-140 10/23/2013
Tappan Middle School New Switchgear IFB-JZ- GC 14-001 10/17/2013
Planetarium Projector Installation IFB-AA-14-001-320 10/15/2013
Pioneer Planetarium Projector IFB-JZ-14 001 320 10/15/2013
Mechanical Work - boiler - Roberto Clemente High School IFB-JZ- GC 005-13 05/24/2013
Integrated Pest Management services IFB-JZ-13-007-680 05/16/2013
Asbestos & Lead paint abatement services IFB-JZ-13-005-660 05/16/2013
Environmental consulting services IFB-JZ-13-006-680 05/16/2013
Bid Package No. 4 Balas Server Room Renovation IFB-JZ-Tech bid pack 4 04/18/2013
AAPS Exterior Door Replacement at 12 Schools IFB-JZ- RFP exterior doors 04/11/2013
2013 Paving Projects - Ann Arbor Public Schools IFB-JZ-12 003 680 paving work 04/09/2013
Bid Package 3 Network Cabling and Mechanical IFB-JZ-tech bid pack3 04/09/2013
Mechanical Upgrade IFB-JZ-GC-003 03/28/2013
Roof Replacements IFB-JZ-13-003 roofs 03/12/2013
Ann Arbor Public Schools - Logan and Lawton Roof Recoating IFB-JZ-13-002 -sf 02/28/2013
Bid package 2 Classroom Projectors IFB-JZ-13-001-tech 02/05/2013
Skyline High School North Synthetic Turf Field IFB-JZ-12-009-660 01/11/2013
Bid Package No. 1 District-Wide Technology Infrastructure Network IFB-JZ-12-001-tech 09/24/2012
2012 Asphalt Paving Projects IFB-JZ-12-005-660 04/12/2012
ADA Phase IV IFB-JZ-12-004-660 03/27/2012
2012 22013 Asbestos Abatement Contract IFB-JZ-12-006-660 03/23/2012
2012 22013 Environmental Consulting Contract IFB-JZ-12-007-660 03/23/2012
2012 2013 Integrated Pest Management Services IFB-JZ-12-008-660 03/23/2012

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